The Benefits of Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is known to strengthen the muscles and tendons through slow methodical movements, improving balance, coordination and flexibility. Whilst reducing stress, Tai Chi teaches slow, relaxed deep breathing creating an inner peace. When practiced regularly over a period of time it can help to clear and heal dis-ease.

Tai Chi is an internal martial art which requires the practitioner to be soft and relaxed, in order to cultivate Chi (energy) in the Tan Tien (lower abdomen). This strengthens the internal organs and blood. With long term practice this can lead to a long and healthy life. Practitioners can develop in either health or martial practice, both harmonizing mind, body & spirit.

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) – Qi meaning energy & Gong meaning practice is standing meditation. This can also develop & strengthen the body. The use of different postures and slow movements help to correct posture to ease tension. Used in the correct manner, it can be used to locate dis-ease of the body or internal organs.