Mark has been studying internal martial arts since 1995. Studying first Yang Style short & long forms with Kathy Webb.

In 1998 Mark started to study Chen style Tai Chi Chuan under the instruction of Masters Karel & Eva Koskuba, 20th Generation Disciples of the Chen family and founders of the Chinese Internal Arts Association in the UK.

In 2018 Mark became a disciple of Masters Karel and Eva Koskuba giving him lineage to the Chen family.

Mark completed his three year Tai Chi advanced instructors course in 2004 and Qigong instructors course in 2015. Mark continues to study with his teachers and attends regular seminars with Grand Master Chen Xiaowang, 19th generation Chen family standard bearer, his son Master Chen Ying Jun & also his nephew Master Chen Bing.

Mark Completed a five year instuctor course in Yichuan with Karel Koskuba and qualified in 2019.

Mark is a registered instructor and a member of the Chinese Internal Arts Association (CIAA) and the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain (TCUGB)