Home practice

Some things to practice over the Xmas period

Tai Xu exercise

1 pressing down ( palms resting on balls floating on water)

2 pressing out ( turn fingers in towards each other, create spiral feeling in your arms by tightening muscles).

3 supporting heaven

4 holding a ball

5 separating heaven and earth ( left and right)

6 pushing the sky

7 separating east and west

8 filling the gate of life.

Massage the dantien area 36 times to the left and 24 to the right.


1/  BEAR standing with feet shoulder width apart sink into left leg allowing upper body to turn right as you float up the left arm as if scooping honey, repeat on right side allowing left arm to float back down. Continue on both sides for several minutes.

2/ EAGLE legs wider than shoulder width apart, gently shifting your weight from one side to the other and arms float like a eagle soaring in the sky ( palms down). Imagine your looking down scanning the ground for food. Sink into your left leg, bring your right hand( talon ) down to grasp your prey as you left hand floats up. Repeat on the other side then return to flying observing the ground.

3/ SNAKE legs wider than shoulder width apart, move weight from one leg to the other. Move right hand in and under arm in a spiral, turn fingers outwards and move hand down leg whilst shifting your weight to the left. Release hand, arm and shoulder whilst raising arm and stretching out. At the same time as the arm goes out the left hand is spiralling in under the arm and flowing down the left side and stretching out whilst rolling shoulder,arm and hand. Continue on each side relaxing joints.


link to Grand Master Chen Loajia form for practice.